For the budget conscious traveler, the most expensive item on the budget is usually the airfare. Let us acknowledge that budgeting for a holiday trip to Europe, even for cheap European destinations is like packing all the things you want into a suitcase. You are always short of space. Most people take a hard look at the airfares because the cost of getting there seems to be the most expensive part of the trip. Thus it makes sense to try and find cheap European airline tickets and save money.

Cheap European Tickets are usually available if you really make an effort to find them. However these cheap European tickets have some strings, conditions and fine print attached. It makes sense to check that out before you decide whether to opt for a cheap air ticket or not. The main things that you must check are the baggage allowances, the cancellation policies and the refund policy to fully save money. Let us now explore some ways of finding cheap European air tickets.

Travel in the low season:

Airlines have high and low seasons. During high season

s such as the period from May to September and during holidays, the demand for air tickets is very high and discounted fares are scarce. So if you have the option, plan your trip during the off peak period. During this time airfares are down, tickets are easily available and there are higher chances of finding bargain fares if you book well in advance. The key to getting the best fares is to shop around and do some research.

Shop around:

The first place to look for fares is the airline website or call centre. Sometimes they have fares or deals offered only to customers who buy directly from them. Other than such offers it is almost always cheaper to buy the tickets from an agent or a travel website.

Cheap European Tickets

Check with your travel agent about your requirements. They have knowledge about different fare types and bargain tickets which are not directly offered by the airlines. They will also be able to guide you on how to make adjustments to your journey plans so that you can save money on travel. They also have knowledge about the fares offered by many different airlines. Travel agents who specialize in providing tickets to students usually know all the economical options because students usually prefer to spend less on air tickets.

Consolidator air tickets are something that you should definitely consider. These are tickets purchased for reselling by wholesale agents from the airline in bulk at a big discount to the regular price. They will be able to give you a discounted ticket. Check with two or three agents because some agents are just resellers. Wholesale agents who purchase the tickets directly from the airline will usually give the best rates. Large travel websites may also give you bargain prices especially if you combine them with other things like accommodation.

Book well in advance:

The more lead time you have, the better fares you can get. Fares go up as the journey date approaches and fewer seats are left. If you are accommodating with a cheap European vacation package, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to book the flight.

Charter flights:

Charter flights are operated by some small airlines on particular dates. These are usually for round trips. You may get bargain fares in this case, but check the refund policies in case they decide to cancel the flight. This could happen if they don’t get enough passengers.

Standby tickets:

This is an option if you are travelling alone, not in a hurry and don’t stay far from the airport. These are subject to load tickets. You will be accommodated on the flight only if there are seats available after other passengers check in. If you are off loaded, the ticket is valid for the subsequent flights and you can try again. It is not advisable to take this option during the peak season when the flights are jam packed.

Budget airlines:

Budget or no-frills airlines usually operate only one class of service and do not offer free food. They have restrictions on refunds and cancellations. So check these aspects before you decide to opt for them. They do give competitive fares especially if you book well in advance.

Experiment with the route:

When flying to smaller cities, it may be cheaper to break up the journey into two legs, the first one into a major hub city and then use a cheaper domestic airline to fly to your destination. Direct flights are fewer, are more in demand and cost a lot more.

If you want cheap European airline tickets, you will have better success if you do some research and shop around. Plan your journey well in advance. Get in touch with an agent and check travel websites. Look at airline, route and ticket options. With some effort, you should be able to find the cheapest flights to your cheap European destination.